Summer League Scores

SUMMER LEAGUE 2015 – Open to all N.O.S.C members


Fees: $15 entry fee (covers banquet costs). $5 range fee each night.
Course of Fire: National Match Gallery Course
Consisting of 28 matches, (26 on Monday nights, 2 Sunday outdoor at Kelbly’s) of which the highest 24 count for average (4 drops). A minimum of 18 matches must be fired to qualify
Competitors may fire up to 4 matches per Monday night. Competitors may fire up to 2 matches ahead.
Competitors will be classified based on previous summer classification or previous summer average or most recent CCPL tournament average – whichever is highest.
New competitors will be classified after 10 matches based on the following:
Marksman: less than 240.000,Sharpshooter: 240.000 – 260.999, Expert: 261.000 – 272.999, Master: 273.000 – 280.999, Hi-Master: 281.000 – 300


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