Air Pistol

Fees: $15.00 entry fee (covers banquet & prizes)

   $4.00 range fee each night.

Course of fire: 2 matches per night

                               First Match –Thirty shots for record shot on a four bull target. Unlimited sighters on first bull, then ten shots per bull for next three bulls. This is done in a time limit of 30 minutes.

                               Second Match – Same as first except no sighters.

Target used: NRA 10 meter Air Pistol Target B-40/4

Classification Criteria: Competitors will be classified based on last season’s final average. For first time league shooter’s, they will be unclassified until they have shot 6 matches for average.


275 – 300.000 — – (HM) – HIGH MASTER                           260 – 274.999 — – (MA) – MASTER

245 – 259.999 — – (EX) – EXPERT                                         230 – 244.999 — – (SH) – SHARPSHOOTER

215 – 229.999 — – (MK) – MARKSMAN                                000 – 214.999 — – (PM) – PRO MARKSMAN

Total of 30 matches will make up the season. Competitors may shoot up to 3 matches per night and up to 2 matches ahead. The highest 26 matches count for average. A minimum of 20 matches must be fired to qualify for prizes.


CCPL – Winter League

This is the Cuyahoga County Pistol League. If you are the best pistol shot in the Cleveland, Ohio or NE Ohio area, you know CCPL already. This is a team competition of the best of the best. Several teams from Northeast Ohio compete with .22 caliber pistols and revolvers in a Conventional Pistol series of matches to claim the title. CCPL Home page provides the scheduling and statistical record of both Team and Individual effort.This is pure pistol sport. Shooting at a paper target of concentric circles, Off-hand (means “one hand, unsupported”), .22 caliber, Slow Fire, Timed Fire (20 Sec.), and Rapid Fire (10 Sec.) 10 shots each for a total of 30 shots, where a perfect score is 300, and I have not seen a perfect score in years (and years). 50 feet at a target with a bulls eye about the size of a quarter.

This is a group where Masters are distinguished from High Masters.

 Dirty Harry Revolver

S&W 29-2 .44 Magnum

Called the ‘Dirty Harry’ league, this is center fire, double action revolver, bridging the season between Winter and Summer leagues. Old School Guts Wheel Gun action the way Clint Eastwood pretended he could shoot. The Manly version of a Manly sport. 5 minute slow fire, 25 second timed fire, and 15 second rapid fire. All shots fired in Double Action mode, starting with pistols down at commence fire. Offhand (one hand, unsupported). This is pure pistol sport.

  • No trophies, no match fee, no entry fee, normal $5 range fee
  • Fired from 7:00 to 8:30 on Monday(s)
  • Competitors are classified by last years final standings or after 6 matches for new shooters
  • All shots are fired in the double action mode, one hand, from the 50′ line.
  • There will be no alibis or re-fires

Course of Fire

  • Slow Fire: 10 shot string fired in 5 minutes
  • Timed Fire: Two 5 shot strings, 25 seconds per string
  • Rapid Fire: Two 5 shot strings, 15 seconds per string
  • All strings start with the revolver in the down position and targets edged. Revolver may be raised when target turns to face.
  • Targets are B-24R (reduced silhouette target-reverse printed)


  • Double action revolver, center-fire (.32 caliber or higher)
  • Iron sights only

Summer League

Summer League is .22 caliber NRA Conventional Pistol training season. Very friendly group of shooters meeting on Monday evening at 7:00 PM during the Summer months.

  • 30 Shots per match
    • 10 shots slow fire, 10 rounds in 10 minutes.
    • 10 shots timed fire, two 5 round strings, 20 seconds per string
    • 10 shots rapid fire, two 5 round strings, 10 seconds per string

Maximum score is 300 points per match, and we’ve not seen one of those lately.

Scheduled dates:
Monday June 22, 29,
Monday July 6, 13, 20, 27
Monday August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Monday September 14, 21,
Monday September 28, Make up night
Sunday 9am Outdoor Match at Kelbly’s ( to be announced at a later date )
Summer .22 banquet TBA